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Co-Curricular Activities

Olympus School has a number of co-curricular activities for its students of all age groups. Starting from Standards 1-8th there are myriad activities which are conducted on a regular basis. Pre-Primary sections have activities which involve a lot of fun and play while the higher classes have fun activities along with a touch of education.

The school follows a House System and all students are equally divided into 4 houses.

Inter house activities and projects are also conducted house wise.

Some of the activities are as follows:

Class wise and house wise assemblies are conducted ever Wednesday in front of the whole school. These are usually theme based and are planned well in advance. Students helped to understand the theme and accordingly preparations are made to perform in the assembly. Some themes which have turned out into very successful assembly events are

  • Independence Day
  • Diwali
  • Dusherra
  • Eid

We have started an English Speaking and Speech initiative. It has been started to help children get more comfortable with the English language and hence help them curb down any fear of speaking English fluently in front of an audience. The theme based assemblies are conducted under this initiative.
Children give speeches about the topic, which they have researched themselves and hence overcome their stage fears and public speaking inhibitions. Along with speech their talents and skills in drama, acting, dance and public speaking are also polished.

Abacus is the most convenient way to learn Mathematics it is taught at Olympus during school hours and at no extra fees. Standards 1 to 5 are taught how to use Abacus to master maths. We have a skilled teacher for Abacus who makes learning a fun experience.

For Standard 6 onwards Vedic Maths is taught to the students which makes difficult concepts easier and faster to solve.