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Idea Behind Olympus

The foundation of Olympus School is laid on an innovative educational concept of Experiential Learning. This kind of learning enables the kids to learn through various experiences they see, hear and imagine through the various activities conducted in the school.

We at Olympus School do not adhere only to the concept of learning through books. A child’s overall growth in education is complete only when he/she learns through various practical projects and experiences.

The teaching at Olympus School is more application based and hence can be well understood by students of all ages. Various concepts in Science, Maths and other subjects are explained with the help of live projects and how those concepts can be utilised in the real world or the practical world. This helps the child to comprehend the concept in a better manner and implement it whenever required. This application based learning is much more useful for the growth of the child, rather than just learning the concept from a text book.

Driving Force of Olympus School

The driving force behind Olympus School is the correct balance between mental and physical education. We try to keep a healthy balance between study and play. We encourage all our students to participate in the various activities held in the school, may it be sports activity activities or education activities. We strive towards the overall development of each child in each field.